Veteran Reviews 3

Okay here’s the latest round up of veteran reviews.  They’re all largely positive though Veteran appears to be a guilty pleasure with some people.

First up is a review from Tony Cook at ABCtales:  ABCtales is not only an excellent source for short stories on the net, and well worth a visit for that reason alone, it is also a very valuable writing resource with an excellent and supportive forum.

Tony’s review is here:

No less a worthy than Adam Roberts, author of the Yellow Blue Tibia and   New Model Army has valiantly fought through his Wheel of Time fatigue to say this about Veteran:

The Cybermage liked it, thanks Cybermage:

James Opie at Booksdirect seemed to enjoy himself as well:

Russel D McLean from the Waterstones in Veteran’s spiritual birthplace (and my home town) Dundee had this to say in the Waterstones Quarterly magazine: “This highly readable debut is propelled by a cheeky sense of humour that gives the book momentum and an unsettling believability.”  To see the rest of the review you’ll have to get the magazine.  The review is on page 80 as far as I can tell.

Sadly, for a number of reasons, Duncan Lunan at Interzone did not get on with Veteran.  However, and I am cherry-picking here, he did say: “…Gavin Smith produces a memorable array of characters among Jakob’s fellow veterans and new allies.”  Go on Duncan, admit it, you liked it really, didn’t you?  The review’s on page 49.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read and comment on Veteran.

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