Veteran Out In Paperback

Veteran is out on Thursday the 12th of May.  Available from Amazon and Waterstones.

Here’s what people have said about it so far:

SFX Magazine: “Brutality, mind expanding concepts, imaginative aliens and provocative themes”

Stephen Baxter: “A prosthetic fist driven into the guts of its genre. Hugely inventive, with great set pieces, visceral battle scenes, remarkably complex characterisation, and a compelling alien mystery at it’s dark heart.”

Andy Remic: “A hard hitting, violent and sometimes darkly comic action-filled rampage. I loved every minute!”

Adam Robert on Punkadiddle: “professionally handled, fast-paced, with vim in the dialogue and spec-rich violence.”

Mark Chitty at Walker of Worlds: “Veteran is a very good debut indeed…”

Veteran was Cybermage’s debut of the year: “Veteran is an excellent read, I had trouble putting it down. This is one of the best books I read so far this year.”

James had this to say at Speculative Horizons: “As for SF supposedly being a dying genre; that’s hard to accept when SF debuts of this quality are being published. Highly recommended.”

Waterstones Quarterly magazine: “This highly readable debut is propelled by a cheeky sense of humour that gives the book momentum and an unsettling believability.”

Interzone: “…Gavin Smith produces a memorable array of characters…”

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