Other Great Uses for Gavin Smith Novels: The Competition

So some of you may have seen Other Great Uses for Gavin Smith Novels on Facebook.  This is the brain child of evil genius and photographer par excellence Chloe Isherwood of Chloe Isherwood Photography and she has her on amusing blog here.  (You can see a sample of her work below and that’s Kiera Gould stunt person extraordinaire looking mean on the Harley.)

Gollancz liked it so much they said that we could write a blog.  Which we did.  And if funny pictures and witty blogs are not enough then we have further sweetened the deal with a competition to win some signed copies of my books, perhaps a few other assorted goodies from Gollancz and the chance to be character assassinated …er I mean to have your name used for a character in my next novel.

The competition’s stiff, the closing dates the 31st of October (which has some other significance to it as well I think) so go to it.

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