London’s Week of SFF

So it seems that the entire SFF community is making it’s way to London this month.  I will be up to the following:

I will be doing a signing, with Mark Alder (aka: MD Lachlan) and Jon Wallace at 4.30pm on Friday the 8th of August in the Comm West room (Forbidden Planet Signings) at the Nine Worlds Convention.

On Tuesday the 12th of August I will be Fantasy in the Court hosted by Goldsboro Books in association with Tor UK and Harper Voyager, which, frankly, has a stellar collection of authors attending.

On Wednesday the the 13th of August I will be at attending the Gollancz Festival at Waterstones in Piccadilly between 6 and 9pm.  I will be on a panel about the sense of wonderment in SF with Adam Roberts, Connie Willis, Hannu Rajaniemi, Jaine Fenn and chaired by Simon Ings.  So not at all intimidating then.

And then Worldcon comes to London.  I will be up to the following at Loncon 3:

I will be doing a Kaffeeklatsch with Mike Carey in London Suite 4 at 7pm on Sunday the 17th of August.

Rat’s Monkey’s Ass is all about swearing in SFF (I intend to win this panel).  It’s at 10am on Monday the 18th in Capital Suite 3.

Fan Shaming is about intra-sub-sub culture nastiness and what, if anything, to do about it.  The panel is at midday in Capital Suite 3 on Monday the 18th as well.

I’ll leave you with Loncon Calling.

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