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Rogers, Coleridge & White Literacy Agency

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This is the people who worked on the site.  They are happy to be contacted with enquiries but please bear in mind that they are all professional artists and are not able to work for free.

Karma: You’ll be able to find him very soon at

Photographer, Graphic designer and Composite artist. He’s been pushing light around for longer than he cares to mention and still learns something new every time he does.

Karma’s piece Downtown can be seen in the Veteran short stories section, his Tay Mask piece can be seen on the links page and his Semektet piece can be seen in the Quantum Mythology short stories section.

James Phillips: jgphillips at live dot co dot uk;

James is a web designer and graphic designer who worked extensively on the site.  He also plays and produces bleak minimal cybernetic drum and bass.

Nicola Smith: You can see her work at

Project Manager for the website Nicola Smith is a illustrator who works in collage and mixed media.

Martin Bland alias Spyroteknik: &

Martin’s Industria can be found gracing the News Page.  His Exit Scene piece is the cover for Veteran.

North East UK based artist Martin Bland began his artistic career at the ripe old age of 7, when he won a major art competition. After spending ten years in the printing industry, his desire to become a professional artist overtook his career as a print manager. After experimenting with various media, he eventually settled on digital imagery, working under the pseudonym Spyroteknik.

Bland has garnered a wide following for his haunting imagery and dramatic use of light and shadow, which has led to his work being published in art books and magazines around the world.

He has a large web presence and has won awards for his powerful imagery online as well as in print. His work has been commissioned for album and book covers and he has collaborated with professionals in the advertising and entertainment industries.

In his own words, the artist explains: ‘To me, art should reflect life, be connected to reality, so I approach my work with this in mind, and try to find beauty in uncommon situations, relay a world which could actually exist rather than a pure fantasy approach. I like to imagine worlds people can truly connect with, I want people to see parallels.’

Ghoulia Peculiar: & ghoulia at hotmail dot co dot uk

Ghoulia’s piece Angel in the City can be found gracing the Miscellaneous Short Stories pages.

Ghoulia Peculiar is a London based artist who creates illustrations, wigs, masks, headpieces and props for theatre, art installations, stage shows, photoshoots and private commissions for individuals. Her fascinations with mythology, dreams, and symbols and interests in theatre and performance have led her to work in a variety of roles including in-crowd performer, model, make up artist, set designer, props maker, and events manager. In all her endeavours she seeks to stimulate people to challenge their understanding of normality and to engage with their environment, senses and imagination. She aims to provide disguises that reveal truth and enable an authentic and inspiring experience.


M D Lachlan

Of mad gods and werewolves.  Excellent historical fantasy.

Sam Sykes

Writer of Arse-kicking heroic fantasy.

Hannu Rajaniemi

Look out for Hannu’s debut novel the Quantum thief a hard SF heist story.

Jaine Fenn

Far future SF with perhaps just a hint of myth.

Alex Bell

Ever so slightly dark fairy tales for the modern world.

Suzanne McLeod

I am all for faeries hunting vampires.

Stephen Deas


Chris Wooding

Airship pirates.

Joe Abercrombie

Making stories about vile people in fantasy worlds so much fun.

Richard Morgan

The master of hardboiled SF.

Alistair Reynolds

Bringing space opera up-to-date.

Peter F. Hamilton

If you haven’t read the Nights Dawn trilogy then why not?

Neal Stephenson


Iain Banks

Long time favourite.

Grant Morrison

Not updated enough but there’s no excuse for not having read the Invisibles.

Joe R. Lansdale

Brilliant American crime writer, who also writes westerns, horrors and assorted weirdness.

George R.R Martin

Equally at home in SF, Fantasy and even the superhero genre.

Andy Remic

Violence shouldn’t be this much fun should it?

Dan Abnett

Carnage shouldn’t be this much fun should it?


Action and genre based goodness.  Keep watching these guys.

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The Wertzone

The Speculative Scotsman

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Martial Arts

Jon Broster, Silat instructor:

It is not his fault that I am bad at Silat.

Urban Martial Arts

An excellent and friendly place to train.

Other Stuff That Doesn’t Conveniently Fit Under Any of The Above Headings

Lacing Lilith:

Email: lacinglilith at yahoo dot co dot uk


Stranded Ninja