Grist for the Mill – Savage Media

So my friends at Savage Media were making a film.  Directed by Bill Thomas and Produced by Jason Emery Grist for the Mill is a heart warming story about zombies during the Napoleonic wars.  Apparently its based on a true story.  (Guys are you sure about that?)

So sometime in July I went down to act as Production Assistant (read PA as dogsbody).  It didn’t go quite as planned.

Yes that’s me.  Suddenly I was an extra.  I should point out I am not in anyway shape or form an actor and the reason I ended up dressed like this was due to actress, model, stunt person extraordinaire, first AD and sadist Keira Gould who just told me to get into costume when I turned up.

I like this photograph.  All the photographs were taken by awesome photographer Chloe Isherwood and Chloe’s on set adventures can be read on her rather amusing blog which also has many more pictures from onset.

So finally after a day of running around, dressing up, falling down, being blown up (honestly) they killed me (see how peaceful I look) and I got to go home.  Well I know I’ve learnt my lesson.

Good luck with the film guys!

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