Great Uses for Gavin Smith Novels Competition Winners

So, you may remember seeing  Other Great Uses for Gavin Smith Novels on Facebook and the competition launched on the Gollancz Blog in conjunction with Chloe Isherwood Photography.

Well the winners of the competition have been announced and they will win signed copies of Veteran and War In Heaven, assorted Gollancz based goodies and a chance for their names to be used for characters in Age of Scorpio, my next novel, (where something terribly bad will happen to their namesakes).

The winner in the unedited photograph category for his use of a copy of Veteran to store dead bodies (though I think the copy of Veteran has attacked and eaten someone, again) Mr. Robin Gould!

And in the category of edited photograph (though I convinced myself it was real) for his use of both Veteran and War in Heaven as a skyscraper in downtown Tokyo is Mr.  Matthew Bryant!

Congratulations to both the winners and I hope they enjoy their unpleasantly gruesome fictional demises.

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