Crysis: Escalation

So after a bit of quiet year last year, the hunt is on.


I’m very excited about this: to tie in with the massive new game Crysis 3, from Crytek and EA, released on the 22nd of February, Gollancz are releasing a collection of short stories written by yours truly.  The stories explain what’s been happening in the Crysis world in the the twenty-seven years between the events of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3.  Crysis: Escalation contains stories about game favorites: Prophet, Alcatraz and Psycho, including glimpses into their pasts, and hints of some of the really cool things to come in the new game.  It also tells the story of the rise of the sinister and rapacious multinational company CELL, to its position as a dominating world power.  There are fights, chases, fights, aliens, orbital weapons, fights, terror and some foul language.

Frankly it’s about as much fun as you can have without you’re own cloaking device and compound bow (with explosive tipped arrows).

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