Crysis: Escalation released today!



So today sees the release of Crysis: Escalation, and apparently some game called Crysis 3!

To celebrate the folks at Gollancz posted the Part. 1 of Chance, the first story in Escalation, on their Blog.  So you can try before you buy.  In addition to the free story there is also a chance to win a copy of Escalation, and the computer game tie in.  (Oh wait, sorry, apparently it’s the other way around.)

And check out Stephen “the Merciless” Deas’s website for a chance to win another copy of Escalation and just the slightest hint of a new project that we’re working on.

And just for the sake of it here’s my favorite Crysis 3 trailer with some awesome tunes kicked out by Muse.

Anyway I’m off to kill squid.  (This is a game reference, I’m not out murdering sea life.  Though I do like calamari.)

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