Legends II Anthology Released

New short story in the Legends II anthology honouring the life and works of fantasy great David Gemmell.

Fallen Soldiers

Napoleonic zombie film Fallen Soldiers is out now! And I’m in it! (Very briefly.)

A Quantum Mythology released

A Quantum Mythology, the second part of the Age of Scorpio trilogy was released in the UK on the 26th of March.

Blog round up for Empires.

The hybrid menace of Gavin Deas in the blogosphere!

Empires: Infitration & Extraction out now!

The release of the Gavin Deas collaboration: Empires.

Cover work for A Quantum Mythology!

New cover artwork for A Quantum Mythology from Spyroteknik.

Five Things About My Work in Progress.

The good folks at SF Book gave me the chance to say a bit about what I’m working on at the moment.

Elite Dangerous: Wanted out in hardcover.

Elite Dangerous: Wanted, a tie in to the Elite Dangerous multiplayer space epic, co-written with Stephen Deas, is out in hardcover.

Age of Scorpio released in mass market paperback.

Age of Scorpio released in Mass Market Paperback with cover quote from…

London’s Week of SFF

So it seems that the SFF community is making it’s way to London this month.

Lavecon 2014

Myself and co-author of Elite: Wanted, Stephen Deas, will be at Lavecon 2014 on the 5th of July 2014.

Elite: Wanted by Gavin Deas

Two spaceships. One cargo. No Escape.

Stop Watching Star Wars!

Why you shouldn’t watch Star Wars…hear me out.

Age of Scorpio Photo Shoot

The pictures from the Age of Scorpio photoshoot.

Age of Scorpio

So er…the Age of Scorpio is out…and has been out for a while now. Unlike this website which hasn’t been updated for some time.

Crysis: Escalation released today!

Stealth kills, armoured mayhem and hunting aliens with a compound bow. Escalation’s out and there’s a chance to win copies of the book and the game!

Crysis: Escalation

A collection of short stories to coincide with the launch of Crysis 3.

Triangle: New short story set in the Veteran universe.

  To celebrate the mass market paperback release of War In Heaven the team at Gollancz have very kindly posted a short story of mine called Triangle set in the Veteran universe on the Gollancz Blog.  It stars everybody’s favorite (judging by feedback) delusional cyber-psychotic, Balor, as well as the Grey Lady.  Oh and it’s […]

War In Heaven Available in Mass Market Paperback 14/06/2012

War In Heaven, the continuation of the story started in Veteran will be available in Mass Market Paperback (for Kindle users they are almost exactly the same as Kindles except thicker and made from paper) from Thursday the fourteenth of June 2012. Keep watch on the Gollancz Blog for a surprise freebie involving everyone’s favorite […]

Combat Jack: Short story set in the Veteran universe.

Originally posted on the Gollancz Blog to celebrate War In Heaven being published Combat Jack tells the heart warming story of how Jakob and Mudge met. I’d warn you about violence, bad language and deviant sexual behaviour but if you’re on this website the warning would seem superfluous.

War In Heaven Reviews

Reviews for War in Heaven

Great Uses for Gavin Smith Novels Competition Winners

The winning entries of the Great Uses for Gavin Smith Novels competitions.

Other Great Uses for Gavin Smith Novels: The Competition

Chloe Isherwood & Gavin Smith have taken over the Gollancz Blog and we’re not giving it back until you enter our competition. The prize is a chance to be a character in my next novel.

Fantasycon 2011

I will be attending Fantasycon 2011 at the Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton Friday the 30th of September until Sunday the 2nd of October.