Everybody Be Cool, This is a Robbery

(Spoiler Warning: The below contains mild spoilers for the films Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed, as well as my first two novels Veteran and War in Heaven.)

Artwork for Parts 1 & 2 of the Japanese Editions of War in Heaven

So after last week’s post of the amazing covers for the Japenese edition of Veteran from Tokyo Sogensha, I can now reveal the first two covers of the four part translation of War In Heaven.  Part 1 is out this month, part two is out in October.  I’m sure that you’ll agree they are every […]

Beautiful Japanese Editions of Veteran

Cover art from the Japenese Editions of Veteran.


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Published in the UK on Thursday the 17th of June by Gollancz. Three hundred years in our future, in a world of alien infiltrators, religious hackers, a vast convoying nation of Nomads, city sized orbital elevators, and a cyborg pirate king who believes himself to be a mythological demon Jakob is having a bad day: […]


  Gavin Smith hates writing about himself so he has chosen not to-to preserve the mystery. Only you can decide if it’s working. Turn to page 80. He also misses Fighting Fantasy novels, though Deathtrap Dungeon was too hard. Other than that he was born in Dundee in the same year that Iron Butterfly recorded […]