Bastard Legion – Reviews Roundup


Award winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky had this to say over on Shadows of the Apt:  “The characters are well drawn, the action fluid, fast, and excellently written.”

Michael Dodd over at the British Fantasy Society (no less) had this to say: “If you like your science fiction fast-paced and explosive but also smart, sharp and witty, this is the sort of book you’ll love.” You can see the full review here.

And from Karen Fishwick at the wonderful SF Book Reviews: “This is a fast paced, action packed novel with an intriguing, flawed, but human protagonist that makes for great reading.” Full review here.

Bastard Legion made Walker of Worlds Top 10 for 2017!

Brian Clegg gave Bastard Legion five stars on the Popular Science Blogspot! (and compares BL to Buffy, thus making a friend for life): “… the good news is that, just as Buffy the Vampire Slayer subverted the vampire genre, The Bastard Legion has so many twists on a straightforward ‘marines in space’ title that it does a brilliant job of subversion too.” Full review is here.

And finally Runalong Womble at Runalong the Shelves: “A major plus is the character of Miska. Short and prone to demonstrating her temper towards her team explosively she is a fascinating lead character. Neither you as the reader nor even herself seems to know what she should be doing next. With her nose ring and dream of dyeing her hair purple she could have been just a standard SF female fighter but there is more complexity to her which you don’t always see in similar action stories.” Full review is here.

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