Age of Scorpio Photo Shoot

In the run up to the publication of Age of Scorpio, Gollancz ran a competition based on a series of photos taken by Chloe of Chloe Isherwood Photography, which were then manipulated by Karma.  With gear and props provided by Evenlode Studios, Rachel Nicholson providing the makeup, and Yvonne Cunningham the scouting/location managing, we went to Wales and transformed Gabriella Howson into Britha, the artist Stephanie Lindley into Tangwen, and  stunt woman Kiera Gould into Cliodna.  You can see the amazing pictures below.

Chloe also wrote a blog about the photoshoot that is well worth a look.

The idea was to have two pictures of each model showing the characters before the events of the book and during the story:


Gabby as Britha before:



Gabby as Britha during:



Steph as Tangwen before:




Steph as Tangwen during (Karma put some long hours in on this one):



Kiera as Cliodna before (it’s quite difficult to see this image, it wasn’t used in the competition and for some reason Facebook removed it from my page):



Kiera as Cliodna during (stellar work from Karma and Rachel here, also Kiera spent hours stood on a Welsh beach, in autumn, getting made up, not wearing a great deal, she is, however, extremely hard):


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